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Around the Word Trip: the Adventure Ends

249 days, 4 continents, 15 countries We can hardly believe that 8.5 months went by so fast and we have traveled around the world! Here are a few highlights and travel stats for our incredible [...]


Incredible mountain vistas, rich Inca history, parades galore Peru was the final destination on our world trip. We spent two weeks exploring Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and of course journeyed to Machu Picchu on [...]

World Trip Fitness

Staying fit on a journey around the world A trip around the world offered a fantastic opportunity to sample new food and drinks, but we knew that too much indulgence during an 8 1/2 month [...]

Colonia del Sacramento

Tranquilo on the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay After four weeks of city life in Buenos Aires, we savored ten days in this laid back riverside town. We strolled along the river, explored the [...]

Buenos Aires

Four weeks in Argentina’s capital city Maybe it was the weather (cold and rainy) or maybe we were just burned out on cities… but we didn’t really connect with Buenos Aires during our four-week stay. [...]

Rio de Janeiro

Pretty, gritty city; food poisoning 2.0 Rio is a city of contradictions. Incredible mountain formations and beautiful beaches are set amidst run down city streets and hillside favelas. On the second day of our one-week [...]