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We are Michael and Lori Barber – we created this blog to share our love of travel. A little about us… We met in college a few times through friends. Years later, we ran into each other at the gym, hung out, and fell in love. We got married in Jamaica on a cruise and then lived in Phoenix with our dogs, Cain and Piper, who had long, happy lives and are deeply missed. After feeling restless for many years, we decided to make a big change. We sold the house and most of our possessions and moved to California. But first, we went on an 8 1/2 month trip around the world!


Lori at Golden Triangle Thailand

About Lori

I grew up in a cute little beach town in New York and moved west to go to college. I work in the information technology field and do freelance website design for small businesses and non-profits / NGOs. I am a beach bum who loves walking barefoot in the sand and watching the sun set. I’m into art, history, wine, jewelry-making, and travel. I love animals and am proud that Michael and I fostered 19 dogs with Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue before leaving for our world trip (meet our foster dogs).

Michael at Anantara elephant camp

About Michael

I’m not really sure what I want to do with myself, but I know what I don’t want to do. I’m leaning toward being a truffle farmer. I enjoy scuba, parachuting, photography, astronomy, and travel. One of my favorite ways to unwind is to experiment in the kitchen. I love cooking food from places I’ve visited – some favorites include paella and tortilla Espanola. See my recipes on Lori’s blog.

Where we are Today

After the world adventure, we settled into our new home in Los Angeles, resumed work, and adopted a gorgeous Labrador named Indy. We continue to visit far off places when time allows. In the meantime, we have fun exploring the wonderful things to see in southern California – usually with Indy. We hope you will follow our journeys on this blog, or maybe we will meet you along the way.