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Quick and Easy Truffle Recipes

2016-10-30T22:45:51+00:00December 25, 2013|Food and Drink|

This versatile fungus is a great compliment to many dishes Michael made good use of the fresh truffle we got in Estadilla, Spain. Back in our Barcelona flat, he whipped up truffle brie, truffle butter, truffle fries, and more… […]

Restaurante Botin

2016-11-05T00:15:30+00:00June 8, 2013|Europe, Food and Drink|

Oldest restaurant in the world Restaurante Botin in Madrid was founded in 1727 and is the world's oldest restaraunt according to the Guiness Book of World Records. Unable to eat at Ferran Adrià's elBulli until 2014 because of the two-year hiatus, the next choice was to follow in the footsteps of Andrew Zimmern and Anthony [...]

Stomach Gone Amok

2017-02-05T23:20:17+00:00March 18, 2013|Asia, Travel Tips|

Take-away lunch causes dysentery We thought it would be cool to try a traditional Cambodian dish from a local restaurant. But it caused a severe case of dysentery which put Michael in the hospital overnight and reinforced the value of travel health insurance. Getting ill while traveling is always a possibility, so it is good [...]

The Adventure Begins

2016-11-05T20:58:34+00:00February 3, 2013|Asia|

Our first stop is Seoul, South Korea We have reached the first destination in our trip around the world – Seoul, South Korea – and it is snowing! Read about our final preparations and journey to Asia. The Week Before We sold all of the furniture and packed the rest in storage pods a few [...]

Travel Tech

2020-08-24T02:48:40+00:00December 23, 2012|Travel Tips|

World Trip Technology Like many people, we are attached to our technology. And although we intend to relax and disconnect, we will bring some tech gear for communication, recreation, and safety. We wrote the original post as we planned the trip. Now that we have returned, we added updates on which travel tech was the [...]

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