This versatile fungus is a great compliment to many dishes

Michael made good use of the fresh truffle we got in Estadilla, Spain. Back in our Barcelona flat, he whipped up truffle brie, truffle butter, truffle fries, and more…

Before leaving on our trip around the world, I became interested in truffle growing and started to do some research. I made contact with Stevan, a truffle farmer in Estadilla, Spain and he agreed to meet with us when we were there. Stevan showed us his farm and introduced us to another farmer, Mario, who is also a tree supplier.

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Fresh Truffle vs. Dead Truffle

Spanish truffles

Live vs. jar truffle

After getting a nice fresh truffle from our new friend Mario I wanted to do a little comparing, so I bought a truffle in a jar from the gourmet market at Corte Ingles. Upon examination, the differences are extremely clear. The texture, smell, and taste of a fresh, living truffle is like night and day compared to the dead truffle in a jar. Take a quick look and you can see the difference between the two.

Fresh truffle from Spain

Fresh truffle from Spain


fresh truffle vs jar truffle

Fresh truffle and jar truffle

My strong recommendation is to eat fresh truffle whenever possible; you will know the difference! Eating old dead truffles commonly sold in gourmet stores and fancy restaurants, will never compare.

Truffle Recipes

When we were in Barcelona, I played around with some different ways to eat my fresh truffle and tried the following recipes. They are simple and tasty!

Some of the recipes use sliced truffles. The best way to slice a truffle is with a special truffle slicer.

Truffle Brie

Fresh truffle – thinly sliced
Wedge of Brie

Cut the brie in half lengthwise. Place the truffle slices between the two halves. Wrap in plastic wrap for one day to let the truffle infuse the brie (store in the fridge) and then eat!

cut brie in half lengthwise

Cut brie in half lengthwise

place truffle slices between two halves of brie

Place truffle slices between the two halves

Wrap in plastic and allow to infuse for one day

Wrap in plastic and allow to infuse for one day

Fresh truffle with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh truffle – thinly sliced
Extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt

This is a very simple tapa. Slice a truffle into thin slices. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil on top. Finish with a pinch of sea salt.

sliced truffle with extra virgin olive oil

Sliced truffle with extra virgin olive oil

Truffle Butter

Fresh truffle – grated
One stick salted butter

Soften the butter and mix in the grated truffle. Spread it on whatever you like!

homemade truffle butter

Homemade truffle butter

Fresh Pasta with Sliced Truffle

Fresh truffle – sliced
Fresh pasta – any pasta will do, but I like meat or cheese stuffed pasta
Extra virgin olive oil – enough to drizzle on pasta
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the pasta according the instructions on the package. Just before serving, add extra virgin olive oil, salt / pepper to taste, and then top with the truffle.

truffle pasta

Truffle pasta

Truffle Fries

Fresh truffle – grated
French fries – any kind you like
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh parmesan cheese – grated
Salt to taste

Cook the French fries according to the instructions on the package, or better yet – make homemade fries. Drizzle extra virgin olive over the fries and then top with parmesan, truffle, and salt. Put in the broiler for a few seconds to melt the cheese and enjoy!

truffle fries

Truffle fries