Amazing Travel Experiences for Animal Lovers

2016-10-30T22:22:09+00:00March 1, 2014|Animals|

Love animals? Love to travel? Here are some ideas for your next trip… Observe magnificent wild beasts, feed adorable baby chimps, learn how to take an elephant’s pulse, meet special people who help suffering dogs. Meet Elephants in Thailand Not only can you ride a magnificent Asian elephant, you can also learn how to take [...]

Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

2020-08-23T23:43:26+00:00May 7, 2013|Africa, Animals|

Meet a white rhino, shoebill stork, and more After seeing animals in the wild on safari and gorilla trek, we were excited to meet some up close at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre where we had a private tour and stayed overnight in one of the guest bandas. The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) opened [...]


2020-08-23T17:37:34+00:00May 1, 2013|Africa, Animals|

Nubian culture, banana beer, and gorillas During an 11-day whirlwind tour, we saw breathtaking scenery, observed mountain gorillas in the wild, learned about Uganda culture, and met warm, hospitable people.   In 2011 Lori started volunteering with a tourism NGO in Kampala, Community Based Tourism Initiative (COBATI). She was looking to use her [...]

Serengeti Safari

2016-11-05T18:36:59+00:00April 3, 2013|Africa, Animals|

Spectacular safari in northern Tanzania Wide open plains, fields of wildflowers, and beautiful vistas abound in the Serengeti. In addition to seeing diverse wildlife and lots of wildebeests, we also hiked and learned about the Massai culture.   Our first stop in Africa was Tanzania for a four-day safari in a remote area [...]

Stray Dogs in Thailand

2021-02-25T00:08:09+00:00March 18, 2013|Animals|

The challenges of dog over population Economic and cultural factors contribute to dog over population in Thailand’s cities, rural areas, and islands. During our three week visit, we learned a bit about the challenges and people who are making a difference. As a dog-lover and rescue group volunteer, I always notice dogs when I travel. [...]

Meet the Elephants

2016-11-05T20:19:55+00:00February 19, 2013|Animals, Asia|

What's it like to meet an elephant? Two days of hands-on activities with Asian elephants at Anantara Golden Triangle. We rode, fed, and swam with the elephants, and learned from mahouts and a vet. Asian Elephant Conservation In Thailand, many elephants and their mahouts used to work in the logging industry. But in 1989, due [...]

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