Holiday in Pismo Beach California

2023-12-31T20:55:11+00:00December 31, 2023|California|

A bittersweet holiday at a destination filled with memories. It was a week of relaxation, reflection, and a few tears. A few months ago, as we anticipated the upcoming holiday trip to Pismo Beach I worried about Indy’s health. Would he enjoy the trip? Would he have a health crisis when we were there? Would [...]

Anniversary in Santa Barbara

2023-12-31T03:01:40+00:00December 16, 2023|California|

Our first road trip without Indy was a mellow anniversary get-away to Santa Barbara a few weeks after he passed. Michael and I typically schedule vacation time for our anniversary in early December. This year, we planned a staycation due to Indy’s health. Indy passed away two weeks before Thanksgiving. We didn’t want to be [...]

Relaxing Pismo Beach Get Away

2023-01-02T20:13:27+00:00January 2, 2023|California|

Sometimes all you need for the perfect vacation is the roar of the waves and a view of the coastline… oh, and authentic Turkish delight. From world travelers to home bodies… First there was COVID and then Indy’s advancing age (he turned 13 in November), so we decided to put away the passports for a [...]

California Central Coast Dog Friendly Get Away

2023-12-30T22:14:48+00:00December 19, 2021|California|

This was our first post-COVID family get away. Actually, it was our first leisure trip together in a while. Over the past few years there were many trips to Arizona to help Lori’s mom and spend time together before she passed away. We have visited Santa Ynez Valley and Santa Barbara with Indy and wanted [...]

Santa Barbara Dog Friendly Weekend

2023-12-15T21:40:00+00:00March 3, 2017|California|

Looking for a dog friendly get away close to Los Angeles? Grab your leash and head up the coast to Santa Barbara – it is just 1.5 – 2 hours away (depending on LA traffic). Santa Barbara Sightseeing and Activities Cabrillo Boulevard Cabrillo Boulevard hugs the coast near Stearn’s Wharf. Take a long stroll along [...]

Dog Friendly Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara County

2021-12-19T03:37:04+00:00December 18, 2015|California|

Furry friends are welcome at many Sana Ynez Valley wineries With 175 wineries just a few hours from Los Angeles, the Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara County is a great place to get your wine-tasting fix. Our first, and long-overdue, get-away since the 2013 world adventure! This time, we left the passports at home [...]

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