Sometimes all you need for the perfect vacation is the roar of the waves and a view of the coastline… oh, and authentic Turkish delight.

From world travelers to home bodies… First there was COVID and then Indy’s advancing age (he turned 13 in November), so we decided to put away the passports for a while and do road trips with our boy. The February Pismo Beach trip turned into a LA staycation due to a hotel double booking. Our first 2022 get away took place the last week of the year.

The first time we went to Pismo Beach we did a lot of exploring (see California Central Coast Dog Friendly Get Away) but this time, we decided to take it easy and spend most of the week hanging at the beach house. In addition to the typical slowdown that comes with age, Indy’s mobility is limited due to arthritis and he’s had intermittent health issues for the past six months. We were also in a chill out mood. The beach house at the Tides Inn & Cottages was an ideal dog-friendly place to do just that.

Michael did an awesome job preparing all the food and libations we needed for the week. We packed our favorite movies, a drinking game, and Indy’s gear (including stand by meds in case he got sick). After a scenic drive up PCH and through the countryside we unpacked, created a cuddle pile by the windows, and were all set to let the relaxation begin.

We relaxed, and relaxed….

A rare rainstorm came to town, which is normally a bummer on holiday. But in this case, the intermittent rainy days enhanced the relaxation.

The best time of day was sunset. Each night, we gathered our cocktails and blankets, went outside, lit the fire pit, and watched the sky change colors.

Pismo Beach sunset on rainy day

Subtle colors of rainy day sunset


Indy didn’t fully embrace the concept of vacation and continued to wake early for his breakfast each day. One groggy morning I looked out the kitchen window and noticed that sunrise looked just as cool as the sunset.

Pismo Beach sunrise

Beautiful Pismo Beach sunrise


We did leave the house a few times to go out and about. One day, we put Indy in his buggy took a short walk into town. Pushing Indy up the Pismo Beach hills was a good mini workout. We grabbed a beer from an airstream turned snack shop on the pier and sat in some super comfy Adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean. Then we strolled through town and stopped into at Sans Liege to taste some wine.

Indy in buggy on Pismo Beach pier

Indy chilling in his buggy on the pier


Are you wondering about the Turkish delight? Wait for it… We took a short drive to downtown San Luis Obispo, which is a great place for a relaxing stroll to browse unique shops. The flat sidewalks were also easier to push Indy in his buggy. We stopped for coffee and then I bought myself a card at Junkgirls. Yes, I got a greeting card for myself (more about that in a future post in my blog). Then then we arrived at Lokum where we got two types of Turkish delight (pomegranate and honey) and walnut baklava – yummmmm. We didn’t make it to the mission or art museum… next time.

Turkish delight from Lokum

Turkish delight from Lokum – yum


On the non-rainy days, I enjoyed solo walks on the beach. The closest beach access was one block over and then down a 122-step wood staircase – another mini workout. I smiled as I watched dogs playing, but wished Indy could join in. I stopped to check out the cool patterns in the sand and admire people’s sand sculptures before making the trek back to the beach house.

dogs playing on PIsmo Beach

Can you spot the dogs playing on the beach?


sand patterns on Pismo Beach

Beautiful patterns in the sand


sand castle and bird on Pismo Beach

The bird agreed to pose for the photo :)


Old man Indy did ok on the trip… He was extra excited the day we arrived in Pismo Beach and took longer than normal to relax. He had a nausea flare on Christmas eve – but we were prepared, and the anti-nausea meds did their job to make him feel better. When we went out for short walks around the hotel, he was super interested in the bushes in our yard. One morning I found out why. . . as I wandered to the kitchen for coffee, I spotted the cutest little bunny outside munching on grass.

My ideal vacation typically includes a mix of exploration and relaxation – leaning more toward exploration. But this year, it was all about relaxing. What I (we) needed most was to gaze at the coastline, listen to the crashing waves, and feel the ocean breeze.