World Trip

Travel Mishaps from our Trip Around the World

2017-02-05T23:20:28+00:00March 11, 2015|Travel Tips, World Trip|

An incredible adventure with a few mishaps along the way Travel always brings some degree of risk – especially an extended trip around the world. Most of our mishaps were minor and we learned some good tips. I started writing this post when we returned from the world trip. Although it has taken way too [...]

World Trip News

2016-10-30T22:09:48+00:00March 30, 2014|World Trip|

Uganda Visit in the News Our visit to Uganda captured some attention. Lori's meeting with a Shoebill stork was in a music video and Michael's milk pots were in a museum exhibit. Endangered Shoebill Stork Video Uganda Wildlife Education Center March 2014 Lori is in a music video with Shushi the Shoebill Stork at Uganda [...]

Around the Word Trip: the Adventure Ends

2016-10-30T23:43:25+00:00November 5, 2013|World Trip|

249 days, 4 continents, 15 countries We can hardly believe that 8.5 months went by so fast and we have traveled around the world! Here are a few highlights and travel stats for our incredible adventure. Countries Visited Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru How [...]

World Trip Fitness

2016-10-31T03:48:50+00:00October 23, 2013|World Trip|

Staying fit on a journey around the world A trip around the world offered a fantastic opportunity to sample new food and drinks, but we knew that too much indulgence during an 8 1/2 month period would make us fat.  We both have a challenge maintaining our weight and have gained and lost 20+ pounds [...]

Around the World Trip: half way point

2016-11-04T23:58:04+00:00June 9, 2013|World Trip|

Ten countries in three continents... We can’t believe that we are already at the half way point of our 8.5 month trip around the world! We thought it would be fun to look back at what we have experienced so far. The Best Hotel: Metropolitan in Bangkok and Navutu Dreams in Siem Reap Serviced flat: [...]

Around the World Trip

2016-11-05T17:24:22+00:00December 22, 2012|World Trip|

8 1/2 Months - 4 Continents . . . After years of dreaming and months of planning, our around-the-world adventure will soon become a reality! We will visit Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America... The Dream We love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit many wonderful places over the years. Lori’s first [...]

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