Uganda Visit in the News

Our visit to Uganda captured some attention. Lori’s meeting with a Shoebill stork was in a music video and Michael’s milk pots were in a museum exhibit.

Endangered Shoebill Stork Video

Uganda Wildlife Education Center
March 2014

Lori is in a music video with Shushi the Shoebill Stork at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Musician Michael Ludvigsen saw Michael’s video of Shushi on our YouTube channel and asked if he could used a few clips in his music video. Take a look…

Uganda Milk Pot Photos Displayed at Museum Exhibit

Spirits of the Forest, People of the Herd: African Art in Two Worlds
Lyman Allyn Art Museum
March 18, 2014 – May 12, 2014

Professor Christopher B. Steiner, exhibit curator, saw Michael’s photos on our Flickr page asked if the museum could enlarge and print them for the exhibition.

Exhibition details: “Showcasing art and artifacts from two very different regions on the African continent: the forests of coastal West Africa and the mountainous plains of Uganda, this exhibit explores how aesthetic and functional objects express religious beliefs and help regulate social relationships.”

Traditional Uganda Milk Hut

Uganda Milk Hut


Milk pots Uganda

Traditional Method to Clean Milk Pots