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Rest and recovery with a little sightseeing On the tail of Michael’s dysentery, we spent six quiet days in Singapore where he had time to recover. But we did get in a little exploration time to see some of the city.   We were amazed at what we thought was Michael’s speedy recovery [...]

Stomach Gone Amok

2017-02-05T23:20:17+00:00March 18, 2013|Asia, Travel Tips|

Take-away lunch causes dysentery We thought it would be cool to try a traditional Cambodian dish from a local restaurant. But it caused a severe case of dysentery which put Michael in the hospital overnight and reinforced the value of travel health insurance. Getting ill while traveling is always a possibility, so it is good [...]


2016-11-05T19:25:03+00:00March 16, 2013|Asia|

Magnificent ancient temples, troubled modern history On our 8-day visit to Siem Reap we explored incredible temples, visited interesting museums, found unique local art, and got dysentery.   Goodbye Thailand Leaving Koh Phangan was a bit easier than getting there, but it was not without challenges. An early morning departure for the 7:30 [...]

Koh Phangan Thailand

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Small island in southeastern Thailand Koh Phangan is not easy to get to, but when we did, we met partiers, expats, ferry scammers, and friendly beach dogs; along with lots of urgent care centers and bandaged tourists.   Getting to Koh Phangan We expected the journey to be long, sweaty, and physical – [...]

Chiang Mai Thailand

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Thailand's second largest city Check out temples, museums, galleries, shopping, yummy food and snacks at the Night Bazaar, and great nightlife in this vibrant northern Thailand city.   Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand, but it is a lot smaller and less hectic than Bangkok. The typical way to get [...]

Golden Triangle Thailand

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Golden Triangle in northern Thailand In the Golden Triangle, the area where Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar meet, you will find rolling hills, the Mekong River, ancient temples, and elephants.   One of the most anticipated destinations was northern Thailand and the elephant camp at Anantara. The Golden Triangle area is located at Thai [...]

Meet the Elephants

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What's it like to meet an elephant? Two days of hands-on activities with Asian elephants at Anantara Golden Triangle. We rode, fed, and swam with the elephants, and learned from mahouts and a vet. Asian Elephant Conservation In Thailand, many elephants and their mahouts used to work in the logging industry. But in 1989, due [...]


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Bangkok is a city of contrasts . . . Sleek high rises, modern malls with designer shops and food courts, elaborate temples, street shrines, and narrow alleyways with a life of their own.   From snowy Seoul to steamy Bangkok; what a change - not just in climate. We ditched the winter coats [...]

Winter Seoul

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Snowy Seoul, South Korea Seoul highlights: Insa Dong, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jogyesa Temple, Korean National Museum, Gangnam Style, National Folk Museum, and bibimbap.   When we planned the world trip we tried to arrange it so we would be in each destination when the weather was mild. But it was inevitable that the timing [...]

The Adventure Begins

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Our first stop is Seoul, South Korea We have reached the first destination in our trip around the world – Seoul, South Korea – and it is snowing! Read about our final preparations and journey to Asia. The Week Before We sold all of the furniture and packed the rest in storage pods a few [...]