We’ve tried a lot of travel gear and gadgets over the years. Some were great, and others – not so much. Here are our favorite travel companions.

Carry-on Bag

This carry-on bag rocks! It has wheels and also converts into a backpack. The backpack feature came in handy when we had to carry all of our luggage down a long narrow wood ramp to board a boat in Koh Samui (see Michael waiting in the photo above). One of the best features is that the front detaches into a smaller backpack, which is great for daytime use at your destination. It can also come in handy if you are on a small plane and have trouble fitting the full bag into the overhead bin. This sturdy bag made it around the world and is still going! I continue to use it for business trips several times a year.

Water Purifier – Lifesaver Bottle and SteriPEN

Have you ever been in the following situation? You arrive at your destination late at night and the only options for water are the bathroom sink or a pricey mini bar. To hold you over before heading to the store the next day, grab the Lifesaver bottle and quench your thirst. The Lifesaver is a great option if you are going to a remote destination where the tap water is not drinkable. It is also useful in destinations where bottled water is pricey. We used it regularly during our world trip. The only drawback is that it takes up a fair amount of space in your carry on.

Another great option to purify drinking water is the SteriPEN. It is better for smaller amounts of water like a litre bottle or a glass. The SteriPEN is a lot smaller and easier to pack and carry than the Lifesaver bottle. But it does require batteries, so that is something to keep in mind.

Mini Digital Luggage Scale

If you are going on a trip with multiple flights, this little gadget is very useful. With strict weight restrictions for checked, and sometimes carry-on bags, the mini digital scale helps to be able to check your bag’s weight.


HyperJuice Device Charger

If you are traveling to a remote location or don’t want to battle fellow travelers to access public charging stations at the airport, take along a HyperJuice.




Go Pro Video Camera

The Go Pro has become well known over the past few years. It is compact and durable and can even be used under water with the add on case.




Jawbone Jambox Speaker

If you can’t go without listening to your favorite tunes when you travel, the Jambox is for you. There is a full size and a mini. We used this blue tooth speaker a lot on our world trip – one time, on a rickety boat from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.