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Amazing Travel Experiences for Animal Lovers

Love animals? Love to travel? Here are some ideas for your next trip… Observe magnificent wild beasts, feed adorable baby chimps, learn how to take an elephant’s pulse, meet special people who help suffering dogs. [...]

LA Hike: Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon

Forest paths, ocean views, Nazi compound, & street art on one LA hiking trail Like many Los Angeles hiking trails trails, Rustic Canyon has wooded areas, open fields, and a chance to enjoy nature. But [...]

Quick and Easy Truffle Recipes

This versatile fungus is a great compliment to many dishes Michael made good use of the fresh truffle we got in Estadilla, Spain. Back in our Barcelona flat, he whipped up truffle brie, truffle butter, [...]

Five Places to Sightsee Underground

Ever wonder what goes on beneath your feet? Dark, chilly, and quiet… Some are musty and some are wet. Check out five interesting places to sightsee underground. Basilica Sistern – Istanbul The Romans built the [...]

Robbed in Barcelona

My heart pounded, I began to sweat . . . my Apple was picked I got off the metro, reached into my purse to get my sunglasses, and realized that my iPhone was gone. Even [...]

How to Use Your iPhone Abroad

Can't leave home without your iPhone? It is possible to use your iPhone in some countries without incurring high roaming fees by purchasing a sim card with a local phone number. See how... We frequently [...]