Evan Yee’s The App Store exhibit visits NY tech company Fueled Collective

What better place for an art exhibit about technology than a tech company. Fueled Collective transformed a conference room into a temporary gallery space for artist Evan Yee’s The App Store installation.

Evan Yee’s The App Store is a mixed media installation displayed in the form of a mock Apple store. The main exhibit resides in a meeting room, while other pieces are found throughout the office – mixing perfectly with the eclectic décor. The exhibit is a commentary on tech culture as well as a means to observe perceptive changes in people’s relationship to humanity and the future.

“My interest for creating this satire on technology was my interest in our new optimistic view of the future, along with rising fears and criticisms of our own habits with technology. More than a message to the world about technology, I have questions to the viewers about what their experience with tech is. I try and make my work recognizable in form by making references to apple, oculus rift, drones, etc. For example, one piece is an hourglass shaped like an iPhone, but instead of sand, the hourglass is filled with ground up iPhones. The physical aesthetic of the piece is an appropriation from the iPhone 5, while the hourglass shape is a reference to time and mortality. Thus the piece becomes an urn for the outdated iPhone.”


The App Store exhibit at Fueled

The App Store exhibit (image from SoAM Studio)


Iflip Evan Yee

Iflip (image from SoAM Studio)

Here are my favorites

Since I am a history buff, I gravitated toward the pieces got me thinking from a historical perspective.

Carrier depicts a current and previous method of communication – a drone and a carrier pigeon.
It made me think of the carrier pigeon Cher Ami who played a vital role during World War I and how technology impacts our lives.

Carrier by Evan Yee

Carrier (image from SoAM Studio)


Iphossil is like an artifact that could have been discovered on an archaeology dig. It reminded me of some of the incredible objects I’ve seen during my travels. It also made me think about the evolution of technologies.

Iphossil Evan Yee

Iphossil (image from SoAM Studio)

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Visit The App Store Exhibit

568 Broadway, Prince Street building – 11th floor

Contact Fueled in advance. They request a one-hour window to see the exhibit, as they are still utilizing the room as a meeting space.

Exhibit Dates:
There is no set end date for the exhibit, but it will most likely close in late September.

(feature image from SoAM Studio)