I have wanted to check out the Gabba Alley Project for a while. So, on a cool sunny day, Michael, Indy, and I headed out to explore.

Gabba Alley Lori and Indy

We consulted the alley map, decided to park in a central location, and found free parking on Vendome Street just north of Beverly Boulevard. As we followed the route on the map, we found eye catching and art by Andrea LaHue / Random Act, Em Wafer, Sebastien Walker, Dourone, and many more. However we headed back to Beverly after finding that the inner alleys were not a good place to bring a dog. There was a fair amount of broken glass and debris on the ground and in one alley we encountered a dog off leash.

Andrea LaHue Street Art

Gabba Alley Project Los Angeles

Dourone Street Art

Gabba Alley Project

As we crossed Beverly, we were excited to see Duce touching up his super cool mural (it had been tagged). We said hi and told him that we really liked the mural. How could a purple elephant not make you smile?

Duce Elephant Mural

On the south side of Beverly you can’t miss the two wonderful murals at the corner Beverly and Vendome Street: Zebras by Moncho 1929 and La Pistola by Liseth Amaya.

Zebras by Moncho 1929

La Pistola by Liseth Amaya

Head into the parking lot behind 7-Eleven which is filled with street art by several artists like Peter Greco, Andy Knights, Jules Muck, and more.

Peter Greco Street Art

Andy Knights Street Art

Jules Muck Street Art

Walk down Beverly to Gabba Gallery to see John Park’s mural Falling or Flying I. We didn’t get to check out the gallery because it was closed between installations.

Falling or Flying I by  John Park

We took a peek at the south alleys and found they were similar to the north side, so we reluctantly cut the Alley Project art walk short headed back to the car.

Gabba Gallery owner Jason Ostro started the Gabba Alley Project a few years ago to transform the alleys from “blight to bright”. The contributing artists have created a diverse array of beautiful street art, but some of the alleys are still a bit rough around the edges. If you are a street art lover like me, do check out the Gabba Alley Project to see some awesome art (but you may wish to leave the doggies at home for this walk).

Gabba Alley Project Dog